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The floriculture sector is one of the primary source of the country's heritage. In a move aimed at giving a boost to agro based Shade net industry in Pune, Shreeram Plastics laid the foundation stone for an shade net and PP ropes manufacturing unit at the district.

Our Story began in 2003.Back then we started our venture as LDPE plastic tarpaulin manufacturers later expanding horizons in its flagship unit of HPDE based Agro shade net and PP ropes in 2015. Today we are privileged ,to let you know we are breaking new grounds by adding new wrinkle to our production repertoire.We began manufacturing of the most sought after MONO * Mono shade net solutions.

Working around the production challenges ,we successfully maintained the comprehensive quality of our product and its process thus getting accredited by ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

Stitching all these efforts in a common thread throughout these years, We focused on nurturing personal relationships with customers and building a network of support to create an ideal way to produce Agro tech products:one that is durable,persistent,transparent and archetypal for the people on the planet.

Being a responsible firm, we operate on an E2 model i.e promoting economical and ecological approach to create

our product.As the threats of the environment have grown, we have been working to adapt and find innovative solutions in how we build and manufacture our product, while reducing the environmental impact.

Right from the genesis, our ambition goes far beyond the profit. We reckon profit and principles are not mutually exclusive.They underpin each other. We love to invest in an exceedingly pursuit of adding value to the lives of our customers.

We are grateful for bringing off our mission to success & will continue delivering values & domiciliate far reaching footprint in the business.

Years of Experience 15+
Happy Customers 500+
Dealers in Region 100+
Skilled Manpower 100+

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+91 9527667778

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